How to make the best sweet pasta pudding.

Here I am talking about traditional recipe from Egyptian kitchen. It is tasty and delicious recipes from pasta and pudding for all pasta lovers. No one of your family cannot resist how tasty is this recipe even your children. The boiling water must cover the whole paste and have about 5cm hight above it because…

How to make the Perfect Nescafe cake recipe.

Here er are talking about about Nescafé cake for a strong coffee taste in each bite you have. It has a very strong flavor for coffee lovers who cannot resist its coffee richness flavor.

How to make the best Pastrami toast with eggs.

Toast is a good recipe for a great breakfast. Here we are talking about mixed toast with both pastrami and egg. The delicious taste in every bite you have in toast with cheesy flavor in it.

All-Purpose Egg wash.

What is an egg wash ? Egg wash is a kind of any liquid added to the raw eggs, to cover the dough while it is baked at the oven. You can use egg wash with different kinds of dough such as apple pie. The baked results are deeply and golden. Different kinds of baking…

The best Chicken and veggies soup recipe.

This vegetables and chicken soup if full of the strong taste for the best soup ever. It is full of different veggie along with chicken breast pieces. This kind of soup is when you add small cubes of boneless chicken breast with different kinds of veggies like carrots, zucchini, potato and corns for a satisfying meal.