Hi! My name is Maryam. I am the founder of Yummy Mary website. Thanks for following my blog! My passion of making food was discovered since I was young. I used to cook any new recipes from all over the world. The more I cook new recipes , the more passionate I become.

The idea of creating a blog has been on my mind, but I never take the courage to start. Yummy Mary was born out of depression. I established it on August 2019, when I was suffering with my depression. The birth of Yummy Mary helps me to overcome my depression, as I begin to do what I love and sharing it which is for sure cooking.

I am here as a food blogger, but essentially I am an English language and literature student. I combine my own studying and writing post for my blog Yummy Mary.

I am originally from Egypt. I moved to live abroad two years ago. This settlement gave me the change to know more and more delicious dishes. In my free time I draw, read books, play guitar and write fiction.