How to make the best Apple Pie recipe from scratch.

Here we are talking about one of the best dessert recipes to indulge yourself with, which is the apple pie.

We are love desserts and sweets no one can doubt that, and with the caramelized apple in each bite you have you cannot resist. As the apple is tossed in sugar and cinnamon along with some lemon juice for a strong taste.

All the family members will clean up their dishes as it is the best apple pie you will have in your life.

How to make the best Apple Pie recipe from scratch:

All you need to have the best apple pie are apples and passion. I always believe in cooking a a relationship as you have to love it to make it perfect, and the more lovely effort you put in your cooking, the more delicious it will become.

leave your apple tossed well for a while. The sugar will make caramel sauce which we will use it later to make our filling more delicious.

Apple pie is prepared in two steps first we will prepare your tasty filling with apples, then you will prepare your dough. You can use any kind of apple you like but for me I used the red apples cause it has more sweet taste than the other kinds of apples like green ones.

Now, bring your lovely apples and wash it and start slicing it into small pieces. Try to make the pieces not too thick so it will be cooked so easily when it you bake it. Then brings all the pieces and put it in a bowel. Mix the brown sugar with the white sugar with the apple, and add cinnamon powder with the lemon sauce for the apples to toss well. This mixture of sugar, cinnamon and lemon will help the apple to produce the caramel sauce.

Then, start making your tasty dough during that time. The apple pie dough is very soft dough, which is not very complicated. The dough is very easy to make all you need is flour, lemon, butter and water.
Add the flour with salt into your kitchen machine and mix well for one minute. Then add the butter and mix it till the butter is mixed well with the flour. Now, it is time to add water into the dough.

The way you add water into the dough is not to add it all at once. You just keep you kitchen machine working and add the water spoon after spoon. You add on spoon and leave the kitchen machine to mix for few seconds then add another water spoon. Divide the dough into two halves. Yeah, we make our tasty dough. now leave it for one hour in refrigerator.

Now, it is time to make your caramel sauce from the caramelized apple sauce that apples had produced by time. After you take all the sauce away from the apple add two spoon Starch and mixed it well with the apples. In a medium heat add the caramelized apple sauce with 2 spoon of butter, and keep whisking for two minutes and set the sauce aside.

Then after the dough is rest for at least one hour, get it out of refrigerator. Now start spreading your dough. Then, put one of the halves into the baking tray. Start piercing the dough with fork. Then add all the apple into the dough and cover it with the caramel sauce we cooked. Then cover it with the second half of the dough. Brush your dough with a thin layer of Egg wash.

Here is how you cam make an easy egg wash: All-purpose Egg Wash

Then sprinkle sugar over the pie before you start baking it.

In a preheated oven Put your pie to be baked in a 200c degree from 50 to 60 minutes. Be careful while you are baking the pie so the edges will not burnt out. Add aluminum foil over all the edges in the first ten minutes baking, then remove it and continue baking the pie. It will allow the pie to be baked very well without any burned edges.

Here is the recipe, hope you will enjoy it as I did:


cook time: 2 minutes

Level: medium

Serving: 8 persons

cuisine: American



  • 2 1/2 cup all-purpose flour.
  • 250gram butter.
  • 1/2 tea spoon salt.
  • 6 table spoon water.


  • 3 table spoon sugar.
  • 3 table spoon brown sugar.
  • 1/2 tea spoon salt
  • 1 tea spoon cinnamon powder.
  • 1 table spoon lemon sauce.
  • 8 red apples.


Prepare Filling:

  • Wash all the eight apples.
  • Peel all the apples and cut it into small pieces.
  • Add all the ingredients over the apples pieces:
    • 3 table spoon sugar.
    • 3 table spoon brown sugar.
    • 1/2 tea spoon salt
    • 1 tea spoon cinnamon powder.
    • 1 table spoon lemon sauce.
    • 8 red apples.
  • Mix all the ingredients till it mixed well together.
  • Leave the apple mixture while preparing the dough till it produces some caramel sauce.
Now, it is time to prepare your dough while your apples are toss in sugar.

Prepare Dough:

  • Add 2 1/2 cup of all purpose flour into a deep dish.
  • Add salt for more weight.
  • Mix the flour with the butter very well.
  • Add the water into the mixture, and mix it very well to make the dough.
  • After the make the dough and mix it very well, slice the dough into two halves. Try to make the two halves similar in size.
  • Then cover each piece and put it aside.
  • Leave the dough at least one hour.
  • When you finish making your delicious dough, now it is time to prepare your apple sauce.
  • Strain the apple from the sauce and add 1 tea table Starch over the apple and mix it.
  • Take the sauce you take from the apple and put it into a small pot.
  • On a medium heat put the pot and add 2 table spoon butter and keep stirring for two minute and set aside.
  • Spread your dough and put it into the tray you will bake in and pierce it with a fork.
  • After you spread all the dough put it the tray you will bake with and then add all the apple and its sauce over the dough.
  • Cover the apple with another piece of the dough.
  • Brush a thin layer of egg wash and sprinkle sugar over it before putting into the oven.


  • Cook the apple pie in a preheated oven on 200c degree, it will take 50 minutes.


There are a lot of things you can as a topping for the apple pie, but the best mix topping for it is vanilla ice cream with a caramel sauce.

Cook’s Notes:

Be carful while baking the apple pie so the edges will not burn out before the whole pie is cooked.

A quick advice:

Cover the edges of the apple pie while you bake it with aluminum foil for 10 minutes , then remove it and continue baking it.

Nutrition Facts:

*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calorie a day is used for general nutrition advice.