What I have learned in my first months as food blogger.

By the end pf 2019 and the upcoming new year 2020 I finally decided to write this post about what I have learned in my first months as a food blogger.

And I hope it will be useful for anyone who wants to start and blog or already having one and facing troubles in writing their blog posts.

I have been receiving comments ask me about my platforms that I use, and how can I organize my blog post. And some comments are coming from new bloggers ask me for advice as a beginner.

How I started my blog?

Before I had started my food blog I was very afraid of failure. I thought I have to master blogging before start my own blog. But I realize that it is vice versa. I should have to start my blogs, then with practice I will master writing posts.

And this is what I done. I immediately start my blog Yummy Mary. And here are some of the things I have learned in my first month as a good blogger.

Here are What I have learned in my first months as food blogger.

  • Just start blogging.
  • Choose your platform.
  • Master food Photography.
  • Draft your ideas.
  • Food Blogging means a lot of cooking.

The best way to success in blogging is to start blogging:

When I start writing the posts it took me a lot of time to organize and write my posts. As the time passes, and the more posts I wrote it becomes easier for me to write a blog post.

The more you write blogs the more easier it becomes. Every post you write you are going to learn something. And the good things that’s if your first post are bad you can edit them another time.

When you first start your blog, you don’t have a lot of audience. And this is a good thing for you to improve your writing style with not a lot of traffic on your blog or website.

Just know that no one starts big, and it took then thousands of posts to get into the blog successes. Give your self the time improve and never be afraid of failure.

Choose your platform:

I started use WordPress as a platform for my website. The pros of WordPress that it is a free platform. And you don’t have to know any programming language to get into the process of writing.

When first I thought to establish my own blog, I thought I have to learn programming language like HTML , CSS and Java scripts, and this frustrated me as it will take time to learn them. So I searched for a method or platform does not require this knowledge, then I found WordPress and start blogging on it.

WordPress also provides you with a lot of free themes you can choose from it. Another great merits about WordPress is the easy editing methods. You can organize your posts and add widgets easily.

I don’t say that you have not learn those programming language, but at the beginning it is not necessary to start.

Once you get into the process of writing your blog posts or your website, it is better to have some information about the languages used to run your blog or website. If you have the time it is better to learn a little bit about HTML , CSS and Java scripts, it is really helpful in the long-terms especially if you are planning to work as a blogger in the future, or you are already a blogger.

Great food Photography

They say the eye eats before the mouth tastes. And the master of photography . The only way to improve your mastering the food Photography is to practice it.

Just take your cell phone and try to take photos of your foods. Read more about food photography, and try different styles till you found your own style.

Do not wait to have your professional camera for food photography, Keep using your cellphone till you feel comfortable with taking food photos.

Learn editing your photos:

Food photography is not just about taking photos of your food. Those photos need to be edited for the best photo quality of the results. After taking my photos for my food I put it in my laptop then start editing them.

Generally I use Photoshop for editing my food pictures.

Master food composition:

Another skill you have to master is how to make a good food composition of your food. I usually make my research to have a grasp of knowledge in this subject. And yeah I improved more photos and compositions I did.

I also focus more on the colors I choose in my composition. I try to use more complimentary colors in doing my composition, so the photos will be in more harmonious way.

Keep practicing and you will discover your own style on food photography till you master it.

Draft your ideas:

We are human and our brain can forget easily, even the best of ideas can disappear at once. So, the best way to avoid your greatest idea is just to write it down in.

The great ideas does not just come in the time of blogging or writing your post. I always have a small notebook with me so whenever I have an idea I write it down. Then I develop those idea in the time of writing a blog post.

Another method I use is using WordPress app on my iPhone to write a post draft including my ideas. Then I develop those ideas while writing from my laptop.

If you don’t have an actual note or you don’t even use WordPress app, you just better to have a apps in your smart phone so you could draft your ideas there.

Here is a list of some apps you can use in your smartphone for drafting down your ideas.

Be active:

The main source of blog success is to be more active. Try to write twice or once a week for more traffic. Devote one day for writing the blog post so you are continuously writing a blog posts.

I devote one day in the week to write and publish my post on the blog.The more you become an active online the more you get more views on your website.

Outline your posts.

As a busy person we don’t have the time to write the one in just one day, so it is better to divide your writing process into small steps every day a week.

I prefer to spend a day for editing my photos. Then another day for writing the outline for my blog post. And a day for writing the blog post itself. And the last step is to edit my post before publishing it.

Food Blogging means a lot of cooking:

To be a food blogger meant to have a lot of failures in kitchen. But this does not mean to give up on cooking. The more you cook, the more you master your recipes. A lot of bad recipes are the ones who make the very good recipe at the end.

I usually love the cooking process itself. So it has been a pleasure for be to create the best recipes out of bad ones. With each recipe I cook I learn new something.

Developing a new recipe is like an adventure, you should be brave to try new methods. Every one has his own style so just go into the kitchen and try thousands of thousands of time with no fear of failure.

It is not just in food blogs but in every blog post you write whatever your niche is, you have to spend a time trying new stuffs till you reach your style at the end. It can be a photography style, writing style just be genuine and you will reach what you want at the end.

To sum up:

I am saying that I did not become a professional in just one months or two, but I have learned a lot in blogging by making research and establish my own blog. And I am still learning day by day, and each new post is a new learning method for me.

What I have learned in my first months as food blogger.

  • Just start blogging.
    • Give your self the time improve and never be afraid of failure.
  • Choose your platform.
  • Master food Photography.
    • Keep practicing and you will discover your own style on food photography till you master it.
  • Draft your ideas.
  • Food Blogging means a lot of cooking.

If you need more blog post like this, just let me know in the comments section below


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