Veggies with parmesan cheese.

Here we are talking about a cheesy-veggie recipe. The parmesan cheese are a great complementary with garlic. The zucchini and eggplants are tossed ın garlic sauce. It is covered in the parmesan cheese and flavored with rosemary for a strong taste

Egg and Cheese Tortilla.

We are talking about rich cheesy tortilla with egg . For a delicious breakfast with the family . A huge layers of cheese within the tortilla. In each bite you can taste the rich cheesy bite. What is Tortilla? Tortilla is kind of bread which is used in many different recipes. Tortilla is round, thin,…

Microwave Chocolate Cake.

In a fast forward world we are seeking for both fast and delicious recipes. Thus, Microwave cake is the solution of all this. You can indulge yourself with the tasty chocolate cake in just three minutes. What is a microwave cake? Microwave cake is an easy cake recipe is a cake which is cooked by…

Mushroom Omelette.

We are talking about omelette with mushrooms, for a tasteful meal. Golden mushrooms are tossed into the omelette for a cheesy taste in every bite.